Café Hopping: Mo Mi

Address:70 Daxue Lu, near Songhu Lu (大学路70号, 近淞沪路)
Nearest metro station: about a 10-minute walk from Jianwan Stadium, Line 10

If you’re a student of Tongji, Fudan, or Jiao Tong Universities and you like cute things like tea/coffee/desserts/cats/stationary/postcards, then Mo Mi Café is a must-go!! They have several locations around Shanghai, but the one on Daxue Lu is arguably the most convenient for students in the Yangpu area (this particular one is also the biggest Mo Mi location in Shanghai).

Trying to pick some postcards to send to family and friends…I wanted to get all of them 😛

So what sets Mo Mi apart from all the other cafés on the street? Yes, it has free wi-fi (most -if not all- cafés on Daxue Lu have free wi-fi), but it also has a massive wall of postcards that you can send to anyone in the world.
(Literally anyone. Literally anywhere in the world).
And the best part is, they mail it for you! FOR CHEAP!! *Cue broke-student dancing*
A postcard is 3rmb, and depending on where you want to ship, the total cost comes to about 7rmb (that includes the cost of the postcard, stamps, and shipping). I sent postcards to Canada so if you’re mailing them closer to China it’ll probably be even cheaper.


You can also send postcards to yourself!! IN THE FUTURE! Just tell the staff you want them to mail it to a specified address at a specified date, AND THEY WILL DO THAT FOR YOU FAM.

I mean, just look at this aesthetic.

They also have some really good drinks and food at reasonable prices. I would really recommend their Japanese Rice Tea (seen pictured above). It’s a green tea with some rice (+other herbs) which sounds really weird but was actually quite good. If you’re not a fan of sweet or fruity teas, you’ll probably like this. One thing I would stay away from is their Chai Latté…it tasted like steamed milk; I could barely even taste the chai. If you like the taste of hot milk (and the faintest hint of spice) maybe you’ll have a different opinion.

The perfect spot for stalking attractive people  studying.

The café’s great for studying – there’s a variety of seating and tables that you can choose from. They have wooden chairs, fabric chairs, and even Japanese-style floor seating (if you wanna be supa hip). You’ll usually be able to find a couple of Fudan students/foreigners in there as the ambience is prime for studying.

Overall, it was a great experience and I can definitely see myself coming back here to prep for exams.


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