Tummy Tales: Al’s Diner

3 vs 1, 3 Hungry teenagers vs Al’s Diner

Address: 新乐路204号近东湖路 – 204 Xinle Lu near Donghu Lu (徐汇区 Xuhui District)

Crowd: We visited on a sunday and it was packed to capacity, we were instructed to leave our names and numbers and they’d give us a call when a table is available. Our quoted wait time  was 30 mins :(. LUCKILY, AND BY PURE LUCK ONLY, we received a call within minutes of being hungry, outcasted, regretful for not making a reservation nomads. 🙂 #hallelujah

Service: Even though we were extremely happy to have gotten a table, they seated us without cleaning up after the previous customers and our table was FILTHY- chicken bones everywhere :(. We sat in filth for about 10 minutes after which we had to actually ASK to have the food removed then ASK AGAIN to have them wipe it down.



Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Pancakes: YAS these were amazinggggg. The pancakes were the perfect texture and THAT RICOTTA THOUGH. These pancakes go down in the pancake hall of fame. I nominate these pancakes for a grammy. Thank you


Pretty sure this was just called Mac and Cheese: Super creamy super flavorful. I actually got more of a cream vibe than a cheese vibe, that being said i like my mac and cheese cheesy… but it was good…


BONUS: Gracie’s Icecream: Being vegan/vegetarian/whatever i was really hyped about the non-dairy coconut ice cream (so that’s what i got) and it was pretty good, It was really creamy and the consistency was perfectttt.


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